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Boudoir Sessions Are Powerful and For Every WOMAN!

If you forget all the misconceptions about boudoir photography, you will understand just how amazing these sessions can be.

- Your weight does not matter
- Age is just a number
- Your sexy factor didn't diminish... It is just hiding
- Don't know how to pose -- Your body can do amazing       things under my direction
- Women who invest in themselves, go further!
- You deserve this because you are worthy!

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Before and after

I get it! You are thinking, "I don't look like these beautiful women. You are only showing models on your site." 

These are just normal every day women you would meet in the salon or at the local department stores. But you are absolutely correct about one thing, they are all gorgeous! 

Well, guess what? 

These women are wives, mothers, grandmothers, young professionals and so much more!

The one thing all of these lovely women had in common is that they made the decision to treat themselves to something more than an hour at the nail salon. They wanted something MORE!

A Luxury Boudoir Experience With Jacqueline Carlton Portrait Gives You The Opportunity to:

Love Your Body Completely
Re-discover Your Sexiness -- Because it was just misplaced but NEVER left 
Capture This Beautiful Moment in Your Life -- Milestones are meant to be celebrated!
Commemorate each decade of your life - Your 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s deserve to be documented.
Give yourself a break and just love the skin you are in.
Do something special for yourself -- It is okay to splurge on yourself by having an opportunity to look breathtakingly gorgeous!




testimonials from REAL women like you and Me!

I have grown so much since this experience. Wow! My confidence is unshakable and I am already saving for my next shoot!!

Miss T.

I thought the images would make a great gift for my husband, but it really ended up being the best experience for me. Although I was nervous and wanted to cancel 50 million times, I did it and we love the images so much.

Mrs D.

She listened to what I wanted and gave me the experience I desired. The images are more than about being sexy. I wanted to show I was really connected with every part of me in a very sensual, laid back way.

Miss P

After losing over 100 pounds, I wanted to celebrate in a big way. I did it and Jacqueline made me feel so at ease. I recommend this experience to everyone. 48 and fabulous, baby!!!

Miss C.

"Never water yourself down just because someone can't handle you at 100 proof"


Everything you need to know about your dream boudoir shoot

I really want this experience but I am scared/

How do I prepare for my shoot?

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Is a boudoir shoot really for me?

I don't know how to pose, will you guide me?

Where will my session be?

Will my images be put on your website?

Do you offer payment plans?

First off, everyone comes in a little nervous on the day of their shoot. It is part of the process and you will shake the nerves pretty quickly. Once you see some of the images from the session, you will know that you made the right decision!

You don't have to worry about posing. That is what you are hiring me to handle. I will tell you how to point, twist, turn, and bend each part of your body to get the perfect pose that flatters your figure.

The majority of my sessions take place in my home studio. At my location, we will be able to use multiple sets to ensure you get a variety of images that you will love.

In addition, hair and makeup is done right on location so you only have to travel to one address on the day of your shoot. 

There are some clients that like to shoot in hotels or rental properties. If that is the case, please let Jacqueline know which hotel you are considering. The client is responsible for booking the hotel room. We often travel for boudoir sessions and would love to chat with you!

As a part of my luxe boudoir experience, hair and makeup is provided by a professional stylist. The cost of hair and makeup is covered by the retainer fee.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Whatever your excuses are, please know that boudoir is for every woman. And you absolutely don't have to be a specific type or a model. In fact, I prefer not working with models. Boudoir is about beauty and confidence. It's about feeling amazing in your own skin and reminding yourself you are beautiful. Don't believe me? Let me show you.

Don't worry, I've got you covered! As soon as we book your session, I'll send you a welcome email and several emails on how to prepare for your session including what types of lingerie to purchase, to tan or not to tan and so much more. I won't leave you hanging!

Of course. We will NEVER use any of your images without your permission.  You have full control. However, if you haven't noticed, my work is very classy and beautiful, and I have found that our clients love showing their images off. So, in the event that you are super proud of your amazing images and you do permit me to include them in my portfolio, please know that your real name will never be used in any form, and I will never tag you on social media. 

YES! I understand that booking a boudoir session a big investment and I want to help you by offering a variety of payment options including Paypal Credit, Pre-payment plans and Post payment plans. We can discuss all of these options in detail during your consultation.

Providing a first class photo shoot experience in the Metro Atlanta Area - Based in picturesque Alpharetta, GA

I'm Jacqueline and I am so excited to meet you!

I know dressing down to your undies in front of a complete stranger is not an every day occurrence for most of us. So, I think it is only right that we become acquainted before your shoot. 

I have spent most of my adult life being uncomfortable in my skin. My introvert personality and weight gain made me put up a wall that I hid behind. After experiencing a mini mid-life crisis at the age of 40, I decided to focus on reconnecting with the old me, learning to love myself as I am now and finding things that make me happy. 

I also decided to change the focus of my business and concentrate on empowering women. I love helping other women regain their confidence and reconnect with all of the things that they loved about themselves. 


You are a beautiful Woman -- it is time to own it


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This beautiful little bubble is a safe space for women to connect and encourage each other. I would love for you to join this journey with us and see what type of fun can be had when you decide to do a boudoir shoot.

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